European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion 2017

Safety Promotion in Action

On September 21 and 22, 2017, the 4th European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion took place in Amsterdam, organised by EuroSafe in collaboration with VeiligheidNL (Consumer Safety Institute). This year the main theme of the conference was: “Safety Promotion in Action”.
Chairman of Eurosafe Errol Taylor mentioned in his concluding speech “that 130 delegates from 35 countries took part in this truly global conference. There were 70 excellent presentations from a superb range of speakers, drawn from the worlds of government, academe, healthcare, risk management and accident prevention. There was plenty of evidence to show that the causes of accidents and effective prevention strategies are very well understood, including the vital importance of comprehensive and up to date injury causation data.


Delegates completely agreed that data is crucial for understanding injury trends, setting priorities for accident prevention and measuring the effectiveness of accident prevention programmes. Resources must be found to maintain – and ideally – expand the EU Injury Database. Faced with increasing pressure on public finances across the world, injury data is increasingly important for justifying ongoing investment in accident prevention.


Without effective accident prevention, the current rising trend in home and leisure accidents will continue and this, coupled with an ageing population, could lead to healthcare systems rapidly becoming overwhelmed. The conference made the following four calls for:

1.    The European Commission and Member States to give a proper follow up of the European Council Recommendation of 2007 and to report on progress made and lessons learnt over the past ten years, and to support continued exchange and collaboration between countries;

2.    European Ministries of Health and Member States to reach a binding agreement for the sharing of core information on injuries treated in accident and emergency departments in hospitals across the EU including core information as defined in the IDB-Minimum Dataset; 

3.    The European Commission and Member States to support continued exchange of good practices among experts across Europe, in priority areas such as child safety, safety of older people, persons with disabilities, vulnerable road users, and to sports and leisure injuries, injuries caused by products and services, violence and self-harm;

4.    For NGOs, injury prevention experts and researchers to organise themselves stronger for a more integrated multi-sectoral approach towards injury prevention and research. The conference recognised the vital role of delegates’ organisations in influencing their national Government officials and politicians and participating in EuroSafe’s activities.” 

5th EU-safety 2019 in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Institute of Health will organise the 5th European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in 2019 on October 3 and 4, in Luxembourg.


For more information visit the conference website.